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Ana Raquel is a Salvadorean, Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist, art educator, and mother. She graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), with a major in Photography.   

Her artistic approach and work revolves mostly around the multiple forms of life and how they manifest themselves through her womanhood and Latin American heritage.  The choice of media for Ana Raquel, responds to the subject matter she wants to depict, therefore, her explorations throughout her artistic career allows her to experiment with collage, transfers, photography, public interventions, textiles, drawing and painting.


Through a feminine lens, her illustrations portray her own personal and spiritual journeys, as well as her interpretation of the myths and cosmovisions of the peoples of  Meso-America and the Andes.

The figure, line and color play a poetic role in the interpretations of these topics, which in many cases are also a response to society´s absurdities and the influence of her own upbringing, her search for a rooted identity, her own motherhood and cultural baggage.


Ana Raquel

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